Data privacy

Beit Sar Shalom assures you of the following minimum standard concerning your personal data:

Use, storage and processing
Beit Sar Shalom processes, stores and uses your personal data only in connection with your orders and the processes directly related to them. Information is passed on to a third person only if necessary to complete orders and bookings. Data will not be passed on to third parties for any other reason.

Data that is not personally identifiable, such as IP addresses, can be stored automatically and may be used for statistical or diagnostic purposes. Beit Sar Shalom reserves the right to analyse user behaviour in order to draw conclusions about interest in these pages.

A cookie is a little data file that stores certain websites on your hard drive when you visit them. A cookie can contain data and information, such as user IDs, to transfer conclusions about the behaviour of visitors to the website.

A cookie can only include personally identifiable information provided by the user.
A cookie is not able to read or change data on your hard drive, nor is it able to read cookies from other websites. Beit Sar Shalom uses cookies for such purposes as administering your shopping basket on the shopping portion of the site and reserves the right to apply it for other purposes from time to time.

Data safety
This website employs safety measures to prevent the loss, misuse or manipulation of information we have.

Currently, Beit Sar Shalom does not make use of encryption to safely transfer data from your computer to the web server.

Information passed on during online sales – such as credit card or account numbers – will not, as a matter of principle, be stored in our database.